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10 Fitness-Related Gifts Your Mom Will Love

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With Mother’s Day being just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to get your mom. Of course, you will want to get her something she will actually use. If she’s into fitness, here are a few gift ideas that your mom will love.

Looking for fitness gifts for mom this Mothers Day? These 10 fitness-related ideas will be sure to please mom!

  1. Foam Roller

Foam rollers have many benefits, including injury prevention, stress reduction and improving flexibility, to name a few. Foam rolling is a way of providing self-massage. They are used a lot in physical therapy to loosen tight muscles. A foam roller can break up knots and introduce better blood flow. If the moms in your life work out hard and often, this would be a great gift.

  1. Personalized Yoga Mat

This is the perfect gift for moms who love their yoga. Perhaps they attend yoga classes ritually or prefer to practice in the privacy of their own home. Either way, they can never have enough yoga mats.

Gift one that you’ve put thought into by customizing to your yoga-loving mom, and who knows? It just may become her favorite.

  1. A Gift Card for Fitness Attire

Instead of buying your mom specific clothing for her workouts, send her off to do a little shopping of her own. Perhaps you have a favorite store where you like to buy your workout clothing. She would most likely enjoy it too, so give her a gift card this Mother’s Day.

You might even enjoy shopping together. Make an afternoon of it, and treat her to lunch as well. A healthy lunch, of course.

Looking for fitness gifts for mom this Mothers Day? These 10 fitness-related ideas will be sure to please mom!

  1. Water Bottle

You may have heard of designer water bottle brands such as Corksickle and S’well. These are all the rage. They are also environmentally friendly because they are reusable. S’well also donates some of its proceeds to charities including UNICEF and American Forests.

  1. Headphones

Who doesn’t like to work out with music, a podcast or book on tape in their ears? Good headphones are hard to come by, and there are a lot of brands out there to choose from. These headphones are custom molded to fit into a particular ear — in this case, your mom’s ears. She will love the personalization and comfort these give her.

So, not only will you be giving your mom a cool designer water bottle, but you can both be happy that your contribution is going to a good cause.

  1. Recipe Book

Is your mom into fitness but also loves to cook? She’s probably constantly trying out new, healthy recipes. If so, gift her with a new cookbook. There are thousands of cookbooks out there to choose from, so you can find the right one for her online or in any bookstore.

As a bonus, add a veggie spiralizer to her gift bag. She will love it.

  1. Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are incredibly popular. Every other person has one on their wrist. They can track your steps, sleep patterns and heart rate. If the mom in your life loves to work out and doesn’t yet have a fitness tracker, she will be over the moon to receive one from you.

Nowadays there are several great brands to choose from. You just have to find the right one for your mom’s particular fitness and lifestyle habits.

  1. Health Food Subscription

Healthy subscription boxes are also all the rage these days and would make a great gift for your fitness- and health-loving mom. There are a lot to choose from — ranging from boxes of ingredients for meals your mom can cook herself to boxes of already-prepared healthy snacks.

Looking for fitness gifts for mom this Mothers Day? These 10 fitness-related ideas will be sure to please mom!

Treat mom to Butcher Box! Get $10 off + free bacon.

  1. Fitness DVDs

If the mom in your life prefers to skip the gym membership and, instead, work out at home, gift her a couple of fitness DVDs. Numerous exercise programs exist these days. Do some research for the right one for your mom. P90X is one that offers several different types of workouts. If that type of program is too intense — as it comes with a warning to check with your doctor before starting the program — then perhaps she would love a couple of relaxing yoga DVDs.

  1. A Gym Tote Bag

Maybe your mom prefers to go to the gym to get her work out on. And she likes to do so during her lunch break. Gift her a new gym tote bag. You can find a cute one that fits her particular style. She is going to love walking into the gym with her new bag.

No matter how your mom prefers to be fit, there are plenty of gift options she will enjoy that go with her particular lifestyle. And you can feel great knowing you’ve given her something she will actually get some use out of. It’s a win-win. Happy Mother’s Day!

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