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15 Easy Nail Hacks For Beautiful Nails

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Looking beautiful has become a part of life today. People want to be beautiful in every possible way. Let it be hair, eyes, face. Then why not nails? Nails should also be decorated and glamorized for giving them equal importance.
Do you want few ways to beautify your nails? Are you interested in this stuff but have no knowledge? Do you always admire your friends who embellish their nails.

Nail Hacks For Beautiful Nails:

Here I come with special tips as to how to beautify your nails. Try them and feel great. The checklist goes this way. Let us read to know nail hacks!

1. Moisten Your Hand:

  • Use creams that have ingredients like vitamin E, gresline, coconut extracts etc which are natural moisteners. Moistening nails helps them be smooth and hydrated. Cuticles are softened and do not cause discomfort.

2. Mend Broken Nails:

  • Nails are chapped or broken regularly. So, cut them as per their strength and texture. File them too so that they do not grow roughly and are chapped.

3. Clean The Nails:

  • Nails should be trimmed and be cleaned regularly so that they remain clean and hygienic. You can find various tools to clean nails in market. A set of nail cutter has many tools in it.

4. Do not Paint Them Regularly:

  • Regularly enameling them makes them yellow. Yellow nails tell that they lack oxygen thus do not apply nail paint regularly and set get free for some time.

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5. Prevent Over Polishing With Vaseline:

  • Skin around nails can be protecting while polishing nails. I personally cannot apply nail enamel properly. I always spread it on the outer skin. In addition, I’m every lazy to remove the extra paint out of skin which does not look good.
  • Therefore, I found out a short cut. I just apply some Vaseline all round the skin and then apply nail polish. After applying it now, I just rub off the extra paint on the skin with just one wipe.

6. Manicure Them at Home or Spa:

  • Hands should be soft, clean, and only then, they look nice and beautiful. Manicure not only enhances hands but also cleanse nails.
  • At home just take a tub of Luke warm water and add hydrogen peroxide, ammonia just 1 cap each. Dip your hands in it for 15 to 20 minutes and clean it with scrubber and sponge.

7. Whiten Your Yellow Nails:

  • Nails become yellow or dead due to blocking of oxygen. Oxygen is blocked by regular application of nail paint.
    Apply lemon on nails for 5 minutes daily and wash nails. Doing it regularly brings back the natural color of nails.

8. Do Not Bite it:

  • Be sensible and stop biting nails it is unhealthy and a bad habit too. Bitting nails not only spoils a beautiful look of hand but also transfer germs to mouth.

9. Drying Nail Color Quickly:

  • Use iced water. When you are in emergency, you can use ice water for quickly drying the enamel. It is a last moment tips for getting ready with a beautiful nail.

10. Spoiled Your Enamel at Last Moment:

  • Whenever you spoil your enamel at last moment, do not start fresh. You can just amend it. Amend it by applying glittery coat of polish.

11. Prevent Nail Cracks:

  • If you have your big occasion coming nearer and want your nails to look crack free, fresh and strong then start wearing gloves regularly until the special day decided. This would help you get crack free nail.

12. Strengthen The Nail:

  • Some people have very weak nails and break easily. Here’s some good news for them. Apply a simple coat of any nail color; do not let the color loosen from any area. Regular application would help the growth of nails ones you acquire the desired length you may stop applying polish.

13. Nails are For Soft Work:

  • Always remember nails are for simple works so do not over stress them and break them.

14. Do Not Cut Over Cuticles or Skin:

  • There are people who go crazy after holding nail cutter. They just keep chopping every thing without even calculating the length or width. Hope you are not crazy. Do not discomfort yourself by chopping extra skin.

15. Having Lot of Iron:

  • Iron content, if consumed regularly strengthens nails and beautifies them.

Follow these steps and have beautiful and healthy nails.

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