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3 People You Must Follow For Health & Fitness Inspiration

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A quick Google search for “fitness inspiration” brings up almost 59 million results. People are constantly looking for a little inspiration when it comes to fitness, weight loss, healthy eating, etc. And there’s so much of it out there!

Finding healthy fitness inspiration, even though they’re obviously millions of options, can be more difficult than it seems. The internet is a bit inundated with pictures, quotes, workouts, and more – so much so that you don’t even know where to begin! And once you do find it, how do you keep track of it for next time so you can easily find it again?

There’s now a BETTER way, and best of all…it’s FREE!  MrOwl is a new way to organize, search, and share information about the fitness and health topics that inspire you every day.   On MrOwl, you can easily create topic “branches” where you can save links, photos, documents and more all in one convenient place.   Now you’ll never lose your information again.  Because let’s face it, we’ve all done that before.  And the best part is that your MrOwl “branch” even becomes a mini-customized search engine of the content.  How great is that?!

The content is curated by real people – not a computer, so while there aren’t 59,000,000 results, each result is hand-picked just for you by real people in the MrOwl community.

For healthy fitness inspiration, we’d like to introduce you to some amazing people who slay every day. You can find them whipping up healthy meals, running miles, crushing workouts, and sharing inspiring messages. They’re real people just like you and me, and they’ve found what works for them, and are sharing it with you!

Dai Manuel

Dai is a family man, insanely fit, and an entrepreneur. However, that wasn’t always the case. As a teenager, Dai suffered from obesity, depression, and health complications from his weight. He decided to make a change, and never looked back. Now, he runs a successful company, works out like a BEAST, and shares his tips for getting in the best shape of your life: physically and mentally, inside and out.

In need of some healthy fitness inspiration? Take a look at these three bloggers who we love! Follow Dai Manuel on MrOwl!

Follow Dai and Grab his Branches on MrOwl!

Heather Montgomery

Heather calls herself a “regular girl,” but she’s not about living a regular life. Heather looks for the extraordinary, the above average. She runs like a champ, travels with her family, and is obsessed with Disney. Her ability to balance life, fitness and family speaks to the rest of us who are trying to do the same thing.

In need of some healthy fitness inspiration? Take a look at these three bloggers who we love! Follow Heather Montgomery on MrOwl!

Follow Heather and Grab her Branches on MrOwl!

Kelly Olexa

Of course, we couldn’t forget FitFluential Founder & CEO Kelly Olexa! She’s the fast-talking, GIF-sharing, home workout queen, and her podcasts will make you laugh (while also teaching you something important). Kelly has battled thyroid and hormonal problems, but has always kept a good attitude, and always made time for her workouts. Now, she’s passionate about helping women who have experienced the same issues she has, and she’s all about having a good time in the process.

In need of some healthy fitness inspiration? Take a look at these three bloggers who we love! Follow Kelly Olexa on MrOwl

Follow Kelly and Grab her Branches on MrOwl!

Of course, we couldn’t help but start grabbing a few branches ourselves so that we’ll always see the updates! Find FitFluential and FitFluential Radio on MrOwl, sharing the links and articles we love!

Who do you follow for healthy fitness inspiration?


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