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Last updated on April 6th, 2017 at 02:39 pm

i DIDN'T WORK OUTUp until yesterday I hadn’t paid the gym even a small visit for straight 2 weeks. Not even a stop by to say “Hi, Gym, how are you?”. I didn’t even write to it in Whazzapp. I forgot that it even existed.

Needless to say – I also didn’t work out at home. Or anywhere else. And that, even though the song of LMFAO, and more importantly the lyric: “Ah, I work out” is stuck in my head and pops up no matter what I’m doing. And the worst thing is – I think I always say it, more like sing it, out loud. Imagine the looks I get in the streets, in the grocery store or in the cinema. Like I’ve got some serious psychotic disorder. I’m just saying I work out. Not doing any harm. Didn’t know it was a crime.

And who’s to say what a workout really looks like? To some it might be running, squats and triathlons, to others it might be just walking in heels down the street, and other might even consider watching a movie a workout.

Whatever. Somehow the last weeks were quite full for me – with the trade show and other events I had to visit – and I really ignored working out (like at the gym). My body and my mind were in pain. I hate when I don’t make the time to do my exercises – I’m having a really hard time focusing and my mood is getting worse with every workoutless-day.

So yesterday when I finally got to exercise at the gym I was ecstatic. This work out thing is really a miracle. Generally I am in a good mood lately, because the sun is shining and it’s more shades blue than grey. But I was feeling sorta low on self-esteem. I can’t even explain why, since nothing specific happened.

After my workout I felt like a champion. Like an Einstein-and-a-Victoria-secret-model-baby gone good. I mean – I felt smart and very attractive.

And that even though I hadn’t washed my hair for some time. Hm, maybe that’s another reason for low self-esteem, huh!

Even though I didn’t take off the fat costume I created thanks to the food trade show after the first workout, still in my mind I was very happy and satisfied with myself. The Work Out Miracle. Patent pending.

So now I’ve got a new specific habit I want to develop to help me not only lose weight, but also help me with my discipline, my mood and my productivity. I will start working out in the morning. Every morning.

In fact I started today already. And I feel awesome. Usually it always takes me a long time to wake up and I never feel like I’m fully there – I’m always distracted, somewhere in my thoughts or looking for some nonsense on The Google or on The Samsung.

Today I did this workout at 7 in the morning and it took me about 20 minutes with warm up and some stretching. Afterwards I felt amazingly alive and awaken. Which for me never really happens. I feel like I’m always half asleep.

I’ve always thought that I’m more of a batgirl (not to say a night owl), because I get more done in the evening. But might just be, that this is because I always do my exercises in the evening. There’s been a lot of research about exercising and how it can improve mood and cognition.

So let’s see if it does work for me. Keep your fingers crossed, cause my vacation is just 2 months from now and I’m not going there without abs and a ton of work executed

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