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Grass-fed vs Grain-fed: What’s the difference?

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You are what you meat.

If you’re a lover of steak or a chicken connoisseur, you’re probably buying and eating a good amount of meat. Protein is a vital part of any diet, but the quality of your protein matters as well. There is the conventional, grain or corn-fed variety, which you’ll find in every grocery store, and then there is grass-fed beef, which is a bit harder to come by. However, going out of your way get some grass-fed beef is well worth it, because there are a host of benefits that come with eating grass-fed.

Whats the difference between grass fed and grain fed? Find out how grass fed meat can benefit you, the animal and the environment!

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to grass-fed meat, despite the health benefits (which we’ll gladly lay out for you). ButcherBox founder Mike Salguero tried grass-fed beef and was instantly hooked… but then couldn’t find it anywhere. What he did find is that only 1% of the meat consumed in America is grass-fed, despite industry experts all agreeing that it’s a much better choice. He asked those experts to help him supply grass-fed meat to the masses, and ButcherBox was born.

Once you see how grass-fed meat can benefit you, the animal, and the environment, you’ll understand why “you are what you meat.”

Grain-fed cows eat an unnatural diet
Imagine being a baby, drinking milk like any normal baby would, then suddenly being switched to a cocktail mixture of soda and antibiotics, and expected to grow and develop normally. Essentially, the same thing is happening with grain-fed cows. Cows in nature eat grass, not grains or corn. Corn is given to the animals in order to fatten them up faster. When cows eat grass, as they are meant to do, they consume more heart-healthy nutrients that translates into more heart-healthy nutrients for you. Which leads us to the next point!

Whats the difference between grass fed and grain fed? Find out how grass fed meat can benefit you, the animal and the environment!

Grass-fed meat is higher in nutrients
B-vitamins, beta carotene, and vitamin E are just a few of the nutrients you’ll enjoy from grass-fed meat. It’s also higher in vital minerials, such as magnesium and calcium. No unnatural hormons or antibiotics, just good ol’ fashioned nature.

Grass-fed beef contains more omega-3s
You know omega-3s, those healthy fats everyone says you should have? Well, you should have them, and eating grass-fed meat is a great way to get them. Grass-fed beef has up to 5 times more omega-3s than grain-fed, while containing less saturated fat. In addition, grass-fed meat contains twice as much CLA, or conjugated linoleic acid. CLA is linked to fat loss and other health benefits, and is best when consumed from natural sources.

Grass-fed is better for the environment
One grain-fed cow will use 284 gallons of oil in its lifetime, due to the growing and processing of corn required to feed them. One scientist even found that the U.S. could feed 800 million people with the fuel that it takes to sustain corn-fed cows. In addition, they also produce much more waste, which causes pollution in the air and water. Grass-fed cows, on the other hand, consume no oil or fossil fuels, and their waste is fertilized by the earth.

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