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Horoscope: Pack for the Gym Based on Your Sign

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Dreading having to pack up your gym bag for the week? Why not let the stars decide? Click each star sign to go to the MrOwl branch and grab your personalized subtopic so you can complete your destined package!

Aquarius: Jan 20-Feb 18 
The world is full of possibilities for a progressive and original inspiration like yourself. Make your workout the optimistic joy you need in your life with cheery workout clothes and a loosely guided routine.

Pisces: Feb 19-Mar 20
You bring all your hard work and determination to every part of your life, including your workout routines. Nurture your artistic spirit with funky work out gear and a rocking playlist. Go with your gut for the day and keep things fluid. In fact, you might not even pack your gear beforehand.

Aries: Mar 21-Apr 19 
As an Aries, you walk into the gym like you own the place. You prefer comfortable clothes, a highly-organized routine, and if there’s an opportunity for teamwork all the better. Why run cardio solo when you can join a basketball game?

Taurus: Apr 20-May 20
Let’s be real, you’re working out so you can have your fitness routine compliment your already stellar diet of straight-from-your-garden produce. Food is your life and no one is gonna judge you if you bring snacks to the gym. Well they might, a little bit, but to you it’s just practical to have something around for when you’re hungry, right?

Gemini: May 21-June 20
It’s kind of hard to do cardio and read at the same time, so you’ll definitely need to load up your phone with an audio book. Each week you’re listening to something different while you try a new workout. Your adaptable and curious nature means you’re always up for something new, including that fusion hip-hop group class.

Cancer: June 21-July 22
As a Cancer you’re tenacious and emotional, which means you’re frequently trying to take on more in the gym than you probably should. You like to work out alone, so may we gently recommend a big ol bottle of ibuprofen and some noise canceling headphones for your gym bag?

Leo: July 23-Aug 22
Let’s be real, Leo, you are THAT person at the gym. People love when you stroll through and stop you to say hi, and if they don’t know you, they want to. Your workout gear is modern, trendy, and warm—and darn it if you don’t make it look good.

Virgo: Aug 23-Sept 22
You’d so much rather run with your dog out on a trail than be in a gym, but when weather or time demands, you take your green smoothie and a few nature documentaries and get on the treadmill.

Libra: Sept 23-Oct 22
You need a gym buddy in a SERIOUS way—if you don’t have one already. Partnership is very important to Libras, so you like having someone by your side. You’re not big on spending much so you’re probably wearing the same law school hoody with the holes in it that you’ve had for years. That’s fine, but let’s get you some dryer sheets to help with the smell.

Scorpio: Oct 23-Nov 21 
Science-minded and passionate you’re an interesting person to meet at the gym. Your workout gear includes a detective audio book and your NASA shirt and you’re big on trying the next technique backed by real science.

Sagittarius: Nov 22-Dec 21
You’re constantly traveling, so chances are you’re reading this on your phone en route to your next destination. You don’t have a gym bag so much as you just have your suitcase, so just be sure to keep washing your socks.

Capricorn: Dec 22-Jan 19
Chasing your kids is the best workout life can give you, but since you’re realistic, you also make plans to go to the gym regularly. You pack your bag with precision so we probably don’t even have to make suggestions, but click that link and see what we’ve got for you anyway.

So, what do the stars have in store for you? Sign up for MrOwl to save your gym bag essentials via the links above! It’s fast, easy and FREE.

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