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How to Burn 100 Calories in 15 Minutes

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To burn a lot of calories in a short time one has to habituate high intensity of effort. The best way to lose calories is mobilizing large muscle groups with multiple rate using combined exercises of increased energy requirements.

Different Methods:

Combine jumps, jogging on the spot by marking time, projections and squat including female push ups.

  • Stay constantly in same motion for without breaking the line.
  • Start with 3 minutes of exercise.
  • For example, run for a short distance by lowering arms then sideways sequentially back and forth by one leg then another also lifting his hands up and start hopping again with respective time marking.
  • Continue working with 2 minutes jogging by lifting knees and moving hands vigorously back and forth.
  • Without rest perform alternative movements for next three minutes like moving leg one after the other in to and fro both in diagonal and sideways.
  • Go on with two minutes of marking time doing lifting and dropping feet step by step and freely moving hands back and forth.

Never delay doing five squat and leaning on your knees also your palms on the floor followed by five female push ups.

  • Repeat these two exercises regularly, if necessary with fewer repetitions until you fill three minutes.
  • Continue along with 1 minute spot jogging and finish with 1 minutes marking time.


  • In between every workout gradually increase the speed of repetitions and also working with raised heart rate.
  • Even though high pulse dropping is relatively easily, you can resist by holding two dumbbells in hands with multiple exercises.


  • You can make free bounces on a stable or unstable elastic surface.
  • You can also replace it with skipping ropes or if it is possible by jumping on individual trampoline.

Try out the above steps for a well toned body and physique. Although Exercise is surely a healthy way to life, but along with it correct an healthy diet also needs to be combined with this for better results.

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