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How to Burn 300 Calories on a Treadmill in 30 Minutes

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To burn calories with increase rate on treadmill, enjoy running (and / or walking) in the gym or at home without irrespective of weather. But these facilities were very low comparing to burning calories in the external environment.

How to Burn 300 Calories on a Treadmill in 30 Minutes

1. Initiative:

  • Running with varying difficulty of planned speed change inclined to the treadmill.
  • You can set treadmill on a flat slope and start walking for three minutes.
  • Progressively, increase the speed of the treadmill so that your heart rate rises enough.
  • Upload more speed and continue jogging for two minutes without resting.
  • Run at steady pace for about five minutes by adding random speeds.
  • With maintaining speed, upload the runway slope with addition of each level and run for five minutes.
  • Then download the corridor in the flat slope with enough speed and keep on running for five minutes.
  • Now, again place treadmill in slope and run at 1 or 2 levels of speed for next six minutes with varying the speed like 1 minute faster and other minute slower.
  • In last four minutes, gradually manipulate level of slope and speed so that your heart rate calms down low and makes you comfortable.

2. Progressive:

After working on treadmill for a while it becomes quite easy keep in intermediate level but fluctuating the speed or incline (but not together).

  • Running with more pronounced fluctuations in speed (interval method) or at a constant rate in higher slope.
  • By increasing the average intensity of your effort.

3. Variation:

Consequently, same methodology of work for any cardiovascular muscle in the body can also strengthened by various fitness equipments such as elliptical, steppers, cycling, rowing, ect… respectively instead of tilting resistance.

  • The program is aimed for healthy people who exercises at least for three months and have moderate fitness.
  • The calculation of burning calorie and weight is indicative for women of 65 kg.
  • Heavier people can burn more calories or a bit less.

We just informed you about the treadmill workout to burn those extra calories. Use these in your daily routine, But always consult a doctor before beginning any new exercise regimen.

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