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Last updated on April 6th, 2017 at 11:20 am

CakeLast week I was at a food trade show. I know, lucky me, right? FREE STUFF. Even better – free food. Lots of free food.

A look around at the trade show and it was almost like watching predators attacking their prey. And in this case the predators were human and the prey was refined sugar and carbohydrate loaded crap.

Spell E N T E R T A I N M E N T. I think it’s E N T E R T E I N M A N.


The mood at the trade fair was quite amusing and extremely disturbing at the same time – people fighting for food. In a 1st world country. That adds a new perspective to life.

At some point my friend got a glimpse of a chance to “score” a piece of bread. Well a microsecond later – a predator, holding 5 bags of bread, barked in her face and just grabbed the bread away with his mouth. Good thing he didn’t bite her.

The poor thing just hid in the corner, crying her eyes out and screaming she hates bread from the bottom of her frightened heart anyway. Talk about The Fox and The Grapes, am I right?

No, what actually happened is that we just laughed because it was surreal how people get really primitive and greedy when it comes to food. It’s an instinct. I also kinda got in the mood. It’s infectious.

But I didn’t eat that much while I was at the trade show (compared to everyone else). Not because I was afraid of the predators – I fear nothing. If I wanted to, I could take them all down just by looking at them. Well maybe this is only in my own imaginary world, where we all fight with rainbow swords and cotton knifes and I’m an evil fighting Fairy with beautiful long hair.

The reason why I didn’t eat that much at the trade show was because I have my principles about eating healthy. Now, my principles about eating healthy don’t say anything about taking a whole cake home every evening. Moreover my principles about eating healthy conflict strongly with ANOTHER human principle, that I strongly agree with – “If it’s for free – take it. Even if it’s just a slap.”

A little dilemma coming over. But in the end “If it’s for free – take it. Even if it’s just a slap.” overrules my other principles. Almost always.

I repeat the cake was FOR FREE!


Like no money for it.

I didn’t even have to exchange something else for it – like a pen, some kind of a service like breeding the caterer’s hair, or a crappy drawing or something. I could just take it.

A whole cake. Like high quality Birthday stuff.

And while it was a free high quality cake, I didn’t actually enjoy it afterwards. It was refined-sugar loaded and just tasted way too sweet for me. Still like I said – I was back home every evening with a new cake. My walk of shame – from the trade show to my apartment. Every evening, carrying a box of tiramisu or cheese cake. Shame on me.

I’ve already eaten ALL, I repeat ALL of the cakes. And it’s not even more than a week after.

Awkward pause. Just let it sit for a while.

Now you may ask: Did you share?

Me: Yes, I did. I’m not a monster.

But did I share half of it? Now, don’t go overboard, I’m not naive.

In any case, I’m not eating cakes and refined sugar for the next year. And will have to spend the rest of my freakin life in a gym to get that fat gone.

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