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Treadmill HIIT Workout Round-Up

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The treadmill is so convenient, always accessible, and friendly to all fitness levels. Despite what you’ve heard, the treadmill can be exciting and fun and insanely effective. It all depends on your workout!

We love HIIT workouts, and these are so easily done on the treadmill. You can create your own treadmill HIIT workout, or use one of the ones below! Or, use one already programmed into your treadmill.

Finding a good treadmill workout is easy – and if you have a Matrix Fitness treadmill, it’s even easier. Certain models come with Sprint8® technology, which is pre-programmed into the software and is a highly effective workout. They even tested it and found that people lost up to 27% of their body fat in just 8 weeks. Now THAT is the kind of workout we’re talking about.

Most gyms have treadmills, but having one at home is even more convenient! Use the Matrix Fitness guide to discover what treadmill is perfect for your home gym.

Use intervals, varying your speed, and make your workout engaging and fun. Here are a few examples from our FitFluential Ambassadors that you’ll love! Try them out, get sweaty, and get in shape.

Looking for a treadmill HIIT workout? We have our favorites from around the web compiled here- take your pick!

Walk Off the Fat Treadmill Workout from Femme Fitale Fit Club

Make Cardio Fun Treadmill Workout from The Fit Blog

Get Fired Up Treadmill Workout from Gettin’ My Healthy On

35 Minute Power Walking Workout with Playlist from Uproot Kitchen

Two Treadmill Workouts to Improve Speed from Fit Aspire

5 Indoor Workouts To Make You a Better Runner from Coach Debbie Runs

10K Treadmill Routine from Hungry Hobby

Treadmill Workouts To Instantly Kickstart Your Metabolism from Johnson Fit


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