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Your Gym Clothes Aren’t Just for Working Out Anymore

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From the movies to the mall, your workout clothes are just clothes now. Today’s fashionable athleisure wear pieces will have you looking stylish in and out of the gym. Gone are the days when workout gear consisted of your most comfortable clothes, but not necessarily the attire that you wanted to be seen in.

Athleisure wear is a trend we can get behind. Gym clothes aren't just for working out anymore, they're making fashion statements.

Everyone can remember when gym clothes had one purpose: to equip your body properly while you work out. Whether it was going for a run in your neighborhood or hitting the gym for your favorite class, workout clothes were attire for physical activity and the style of this attire took the backseat to performance. But, oh, how the times have changed!

In recent seasons, the “athleisure wear” look has become more and more popular, making your daily clothing choices more comfortable and your activewear more versatile. Maybe the fashion industry has been inspired by those “just like us” celebs being captured in photos by the paparazzi while leaving the gym, or maybe it’s just the incredibly comfortable nature of workout gear.

If you have found yourself shopping for your athletic gear with a much broader mindset, you have joined the athleisure movement. Do you find yourself questioning whether you can wear that new crop top with your favorite high-waisted leggings, or whether your new running shoes will look good with that new sports bra as a street style statement? These are the questions that the athleisure movement are causing us to ask and we can’t get enough of it!

Athleisure wear is a trend we can get behind. Gym clothes aren't just for working out anymore, they're making fashion statements.

From a chic pair of joggers to the viral My Calvins ads to athleisure looks on the runway (think Yeezy or Rihanna x Puma), we are fully on board with this movement. I mean, who doesn’t want to be able to head to the mall in comfy sneaks and not have to go home to change before heading to the gym afterwards? This trend saves us time and money—what else could a girl ask for?

If you are as on board with this trend as we are and want to adopt it in your own wardrobe, we recommend sticking with one color palette. Whether you prefer dark colors or lighter neutrals, this is a preference to keep in mind when combining your workout clothes to your everyday attire for an easy transition. We personally like a darker color palette and prefer items like black leggings and tops. The darker pieces can easily blend into other outfits we wear on a regular basis, since we tend to lean towards darker colors in general.

As if this trend doesn’t get any better, you can take this athleisure trend one step further because gym clothes are becoming socially acceptable even when you have zero plans to go to the gym or perform any kind of physical activity. Yes, ladies, those Lululemon yoga pants you wish you never had to take off are acceptable to wear all day long!

Whether you’re styling them with a structured blazer for work or adding a pair of heels to your “girls’ night out” look, this comfortable trend is every girl’s dream. Did we mention that we hope the athleisure movement never goes away? After all, it is much more enjoyable to sit in a movie theatre seat or at your office desk in your favorite pair of leggings versus your tightest pair of denim. Cheers to comfort and style!

Athleisure wear is a trend we can get behind. Gym clothes aren't just for working out anymore, they're making fashion statements.

As stylists and fashion bloggers, Rebecca Piersol and Catherine Claire are passionate about fitness and like to provide money-saving tips about buying designer athletic clothing like Lululemon without breaking the bank. They are writers for, an online thrift store that makes it easy to shop and sell high-quality secondhand clothes. Catherine and Rebecca also curate content for The Crystal Press, as well as various media companies.

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