Are You Addicted to Chiropractic Care?

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You visited the chiropractor just last week, but you’re already itching to go back. Does that mean you’re addicted? Your friend says she visits the chiropractor on a regular basis and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. Does that mean she’s addicted? While there is a myth that chiropractic care is addictive, you should know it’s not, so why does one feel the need to go back time and time again?

Living Without Pain

Unlike taking medication or undergoing medical test after medical test, chiropractic care can relieve your pain in a matter of just one visit. It’s non-invasive, doesn’t require you putting something toxic into your body, doesn’t require a special diet and isn’t experimental. Instead, your bones are safely and gently adjusted to permanently relieve pain. It’s possible you will need multiple adjustments because you have multiple misalignments, which is why you would go back for more. Living without pain and without risk isn’t an addiction; it’s just smart.

Increased Range of Motion

Chiropractic care can improve your range of motion. Whether you have a sports injury, were in a car accident, or have just experienced small physical trauma over the years, your range of motion could be suffering. When you receive one chiropractic adjustment and realize how much your motion can increase, you’ll want to go back so you can limber up even more. Being more agile gives you the flexibility to participate in more activities that you couldn’t have previously. Wanting to move more fluidly isn’t an addiction; it’s a freedom.

Taking Care of Yourself

Have you ever considered your twice yearly trips to the dentist are an addiction? Have you ever wondered whether you were addicted to hair color because you touch up your roots every six weeks? Do you feel like an addict when you visit the doctor for your yearly physical? Of course not! Why? Because you’re just taking care of yourself. You’re taking preventative measures to ensure you feel your best at all times. The same is true for chiropractic adjustments. When you are regularly adjusted, it prevents aches, pains, breaks and other similar issues. Wanting to take care of yourself isn’t an addiction; it’s the right thing to do.

Contact Your Chiropractor Today

As you can see, there are some reasons you may want to visit the chiropractor on a regular basis, but that doesn’t make the care addicting. Contact a chiropractor today to get started with treatment or to learn more about the benefits of care.