Chiropractic Treatment of Colds and Flu

Chiropractic Treatment of Colds and Flu

When the weather begins to get cold, people are more susceptible to colds and the flu. Patients seeking alternative remedies for sinusitis and other wintertime ailments may wish to look at chiropractic care. This well-established branch of alternative medicine holds the key to aiding so many different health challenges. Chiropractors use massage and spinal mobilization techniques to restore nervous system integrity to reduce pain and stress. Studies show that patients who receive regular chiropractic treatment have improved health and immune systems. Chiropractic care is a beneficial healthcare method that should be considered by many.

Chiropractic Care as Alternative Medicine

Having the flu or a cold affects many systems in the body. Patients cough to relieve lung congestion, which exhausts energy. The diaphragm, located just under the lowest ribs and bisecting the body, is a strong muscle that exerts drastically with each cough. This reflex forces the attached vertebrae to move, often into unnatural positions resulting in pain and discomfort. The lungs, which are under all twelve ribs and the uppermost clavicle, also expand and contract with the cough. The forceful reflex affects the spine and shoulder muscles, as well as the joints in those regions. Body aches and pains that accompany sickness inhibit healing and vital sleep. Pain reliever medications may have undesirable side effects that delay recovery, and many people do not like to use drugs at all. Alternative medicine practitioners, like chiropractic physicians, are uniquely positioned to help people who are suffering from the ill-effects of cold weather by using hands-on techniques and other complementary practices.

The Importance of the Spine

The vertebral column not only supports our posture but also surrounds our spine. When the spine hurts from too much coughing or bed rest, nerves emanating through the spinal canal suffer. This impairment affects every level of our being because nerves go everywhere in the body. Nerves travel to the lungs, stomach, diaphragm, arms, shoulders — everywhere. Nerve impairment restricts the transmission of vital information from the brain to all body parts, which increases stress and delays the healing response. Inflammation within the vertebral system causes vertebral degeneration and further nerve loss over time. Chiropractic care of the spine and everything attached to it helps reduce vertebral stress and damage.

Chiropractic Adjustments 

Chiropractors use a time-tested treatment method called the “chiropractic adjustment” to improve health. Once he or she has identified the location of an injured segment, your chiropractor will apply a specific adjustment maneuver to the segment to restore normal motion. Mobilization and massage soothe tight muscles surrounding the vertebrae, which further reduces pain. Nerve flow resumes as stress and inflammation decrease segmentally and throughout the spine. 

Your chiropractor can use hands-on mobilization techniques or machine-assisted adjustments, such as the Activator Adjustment, to adjust irritated vertebral segments. Many chiropractors use other helpful methods such as massage and acupuncture, such as an acupuncture session Chapel Hill, SC, to hasten your healing response. Call a chiropractor if you suffer cold and flu symptoms. They will offer hands-on healing that can help you feel better and heal more quickly from cold and flu symptoms.

Thanks to Acupractic: Acupuncture and Chiropractic in Chapel Hill for their insight into using chiropractic care to boost immunity and ease cold and flu symptoms.