How a Chiropractic Adjustment Reduces Back Pain

If you’ve never been to a chiropractor, you may want to know what an adjustment is before your first visit. Chiropractic spinal mobilization — also known as adjustment or manipulation — is a hands-on technique used by chiropractic physicians to improve spinal health. The flexible spinal column is subject to problems from too much bending and twisting. Misalignment within the spine results in pain and postural distortion. Additionally, when people do not bend or twist enough and sit too long, other distortions occur which, over time, alter the spinal segments. A chiropractor is a special doctor trained to detect the location of spinal misalignment and then correct the problem using hands-on or machine-assisted adjustments. 

Chiropractic Adjustments

Adjustments often improve the quality of the spine by helping to restore segmental integrity while reducing spasms and pain from surrounding muscle tissue. The fact that nerve flow is improved is a secondary concern, but an important one. Performed correctly, the spinal adjustment reduces impediments to nervous system functioning. 

Having detected a subluxation using palpation, thermography, or even x-ray techniques, your chiropractor will determine the best treatment method for you. The spine is comprised of bones held together by strong, flexible ligaments. When these ligaments are subject to abnormal forces and irritations, such as the subluxation, they tighten and the spinal bones become misaligned or get stuck. Either situation results in pain and illness. A chiropractor, like a chiropractor in Chapel Hill, NC, will place his or her hands alongside the injured region and use a quick force to impulse this ligament-vertebral segment. This incites a relaxation response within the system and calming restoration as muscle spasms stop, normal posture restores, and nerve flow resumes. The same adjustment relief happens if your chiropractor uses the Activator method, a calibrated technique with an intervening handheld instrument used against specific spinal segments to impose the adjustment force.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

People who attend to their spinal health have better posture and less physical stress overall. Chiropractic care reduces subluxation and spine unit instability. When vertebral units can move without pain, posture and physical strength improve. Chiropractors work to detect and correct subluxations every day through small but important adjustments to the spinal column. 

Spine health is enhanced with spinal adjustments because the spine needs to move to work. Mobilization procedures performed by well-trained, licensed chiropractors help restore pain-free motion. Periodic visits to your chiropractor will help keep your spine and nervous system functioning at its best for years to come. Your spine supports every move you make and it deserves the best care available. Call a chiropractor to schedule an appointment today. 

Thanks to the Acupractic Natural Healing Center for their insight into how chiropractic adjustments can reduce back pain.