Personal injury lawyer Bethesda MD Cohen and Cohen

If you were hurt in an accident where another person played a part in the incident, then we encourage you to speak with a personal injury lawyer Bethesda MD Cohen and Cohen residents trust right away. You may be dealing with significant physical pain, while also facing hefty medical bills. Not only that, but you may have had to take time away from your job and lost wages because of it. We understand that being in a serious accident can cause immense stress. We are here to help you through offering guidance, representation, and legal insight each step of the way.

Here we have listed several questions that are often asked of a Bethesda personal injury lawyer in MD during a consultation:

How do I know if I have a personal injury case?

The everyday person doesn’t have the extensive legal knowledge that we do. You do not have to make this choice on your own, as contacting a lawyer and having a case assessment can give you all the clarity you need on how to move forward. So instead of worrying and wondering whether advice you hear is accurate, we suggest speaking with a reputable law office, such as ourselves, as promptly as you can.

Essentially, in most circumstances, you have a case against someone else if they acted recklessly and this behavior led to your injury. While this may sound simple, applying it under law is more tricky than that. We urge you to not accept the initial settlement offer by the insurance company, as you may be owed more than you realize.

What if the other party’s insurance is pressing me to close the claim?

Unfortunately, insurance companies are great up until you need them for something. Sadly, many insurance agencies are focused on how much profit they make and care less about victims. The other party’s insurance company may contact you in hopes that you will accept a low settlement offer and then the claim can be closed. However, by doing so, it eliminates your chance to pursue further compensation.

Remember, the impacts of a serious accident are often much longer and more expensive than what you are faced with in this instance. We can work with you to see that your current and future expenses are compensated for appropriately. 

How should I handle being contacted by an insurance adjuster?
If you have not already spoken with an insurance adjuster, then we strongly recommend waiting until we can help. Here is the reason why: while the insurance adjuster may seem friendly and empathetic to your situation and injuries, they are absolutely attempting to coax statements out of you so that it can be used to eliminate or reduce the liability of their insured party. By telling the insurance adjuster to contact your lawyer instead, it sets the precedent that you refuse to be taken advantage of or tricked. If any other people related to the accident contact you, please halt those conversations until we have given you advice first. 

It is our job to protect victims of accidents. To learn more, call Cohen and Cohen personal injury lawyer in Bethesda at our law firm today for further insight.