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Running Shoes Vs. Training Shoes: What’s the Difference?

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Shoe shopping is one of the most dangerous addictions of the workout enthusiast. How can you possibly say no to that beautiful new pair of Mizuno’s? While you browse the aisles and gaze lovingly upon each pair, it’s best to know which type of shoe can help you with your workouts. Not all are created for the same purpose, so here is the difference between running shoes and training shoes, and what to use them for.

What do you need for your workout? running shoes vs training shoes? Find out which one is best for what you are doing.

Running Shoes

Running shoes are made… for… running. I know, you didn’t need me to tell you that. But since these shoes are specifically made for the purpose of running, you’ll find subtle differences in the way they feel compared to cross-training shoes. For example, they’ll be lighter and have more cushion on the sole. You’re likely to get extra arch support, depending on the type of shoe you need.

Training Shoes

Training shoes are made not just for one purpose, but for many. This multi-tasking shoe is designed to help you transition easily from one exercise to the next, especially in this world of ever-evolving boot camp and cardio classes. Imagine workouts similar to Crossfit that involve running, jumping, climbing, and lifting things. When you have a mixture of different movements involved, cross-training shoes are your BFF.

Running Shoes Vs Training Shoes

There’s no right answer to this debate, as both are useful in their own rite. If you are only going to be running, buy the running shoe. If you are going to be doing more than just running, buy the cross-training shoe. If you are going to be running one day and then lifting the next day, buy both shoes. It’s not recommended to run more than just a few miles in training shoes, as they simply do not have the support needed for extended pounding against the pavement. And when you are lifting weights or doing mixed-style workouts, running shoes may prevent you from moving as you should, due to the thickness of the sole.

What do you need for your workout? running shoes vs training shoes? Find out which one is best for what you are doing.

Whatever your type of workout, wearing the right shoes is essential to prevent injury and improve performance. You wouldn’t wear flip flops to black tie affair, would you? In the same way (kind of), you have to dress for the occasion with it comes to your workouts.

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