Symptoms of Depression

Depression is a serious medical condition. It is often a culmination of many biological and environmental factors coming together in a perfect storm of sadness, anxiety and feelings of dread. Some of these factors include chemical imbalances, genetics, faulty neurological mood regulation, lifestyle, stress, medication, and several other influences. Unfortunately, depression is often dismissed and minimized as a legitimate medical condition. But those who suffer from it understand how truly debilitating and agonizing it can be, physically, mentally, and emotionally. The current Covid-19 pandemic, and ensuing global quarantine, has had a massive effect on people’s lives, leading many to suffer from symptoms of depression. Working with a clinical psychologist can be helpful, as a professional who helps with depression therapy in Palatine, Il can attest. But what are the symptoms of depression?


As the name suggests, depression often makes the sufferer have intense feelings of sadness and depression. These feelings can often pop up out of nowhere and for no specific reason. They can also be triggered by specific events. They may also be accompanied by feelings of emptiness and hopelessness.


Disturbances in regular sleep patterns are another major symptom of depression. Sufferers often have a difficult time falling asleep at their usual time at night. It may also be more difficult to stay asleep, or to get a restful night of sleep. Conversely, oversleeping is also a common symptom of depression. Sleeping more than usual or spending an inordinate amount of time in bed can be an indicator of depression.


Depression is often accompanied by anxiety, or feelings of worry and fear. This anxiety can often overtake a person’s life and emotions, and lead to feelings of restlessness and hopelessness. This anxiety itself can often be crippling. But when coupled with the other symptoms of depression, it can present a very serious risk to one’s health and well-being.

Weight Loss/Gain

As has become evident, depression can affect different people in different ways. Many suffering from depression find themselves subject to dramatic changes in weight. For some, the depression causes them to lose their appetites. This loss in appetite often leads to weight loss, and even malnutrition. Still others will find their appetite increased, as they use food as a coping mechanism. Both behaviors are dangerous and lead to bigger health problems.


Depression is a mental health condition that can manifest physically. One of the physical symptoms of depression is tiredness. While almost all people feel tired at least sometimes, those suffering from depression find themselves constantly tired and lacking the energy and motivation to do even the simplest tasks. This can go together with the sleep disturbances mentioned earlier.


One of the most telling signs of depression is losing interest in activities and hobbies that one used to enjoy. Those suffering from depression will often feel ambivalent towards the things they used to love doing without necessarily finding replacements.These are just some of the symptoms of depression. There are many others. Depression can often seem hopeless and endless. But there is help available, including depression therapy in Schaumburg. Il with Lotus Wellness Center. Depression, like any other illness, can be treated.