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Workout Plan For Beginners #2: Great Workouts You Can Do Sitting

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Last updated on March 26th, 2018 at 06:50 am

If you’re looking for some workouts you can do sitting, you just found them! You can benefit from this beginner workout plan if you’re overweight and can’t walk or stand for too long or for example if you have an injury or joint pain! Get all the benefits from exercise without leaving your chair!

Try this one week beginner workout plan you can do at home and don't even need to stand up! This plan includes chair exercises, so it's perfect if you can't walk or stand for too long, have joint pain or an injury! Even if you're advanced, but work a desk job - these chair workouts won't leave you bored and snacking mindlessly while you're working! The aim of these chair workouts is to build strength and burn calories, while being easy on your joints. | | workout plan for beginners | workout plan for women

If you wanna lose weight, but can't stand for too long to walk or perform other exercise, I've got a Free 7-Days Beginner Workout Plan that you can do sitting in a chair! You can also find these workout videos helpful if you have joint pain, are overweight and can't perform most exercises or have an injury. These chair workouts are a lot of fun and aim to build strength and burn calories, while being easy on your joints.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

These chair workouts prove exactly that.

I put these workout videos into a new at home workout plan for beginners, so that you can get all the health benefits that come from working out, even if you:

  • have an injury

  • can’t walk or stand for a long time

  • are overweight and have joint pain

  • always find excuses to not work out.

First things first, let’s see why we actually need to work out.

These workouts are gonna make you feel great

Exercise has countless health benefits and these workouts are no exception.

Here are some of those famous benefits:

  • better mood
  • improved memory and cognition
  • better bone health
  • reduced risk for cardiovascular diseases and cancer
  • less pain
  • better immune system

You really have no excuse

These are cardio and strength workouts you can do while you’re sitting in a chair at home, at your desk, anywhere you want.

I know, BINGO.

I dare you: Find even one good excuse to not try these exercises.

Even if you’re super lazy, just go with it. Just start. Out of curiosity.

Chair workouts, really?

Yeah, really.

Now, don’t underestimate these workouts. They are suitable for seniors, but can be challenging for most of us.

You might be sitting in a chair, but believe me – you’ll be working your butt off.

As always, I like to try everything I recommend, so I did try these workouts while I was sitting at my desk.

These are real workouts that target your whole body and help you burn calories and build muscles.

Just unlike many exercises, these can be performed by almost everyone. So no excuses.

The plan

This is a one-week workout plan for beginners that includes cardio, strength training and yoga while sitting.

And yes, there are no rest days. You’ll alternate cardio, strength and yoga workouts to make the most out of your training, to burn fat, allow rest and time for your muscles to grow.

These exercises are on average 30 minutes long, with 2 yoga workouts.

This makes 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise + 60 min yoga (low intensity).

That’s the recommended amount of exercise per week.

You can of course exercise for 50 minutes three times a week, but it’s less likely to make exercise a habit this way.

Commit to one week and see the benefits of working out daily.

Not the workout plan for you?

Check out these other 7-Day workout plans for women:


You don’t actually need to perform all workouts from this plan – pick the ones you love and alternate them as described.

And please, please please: do not question what kind of workouts you’re gonna do after these…when the time comes and you’re ready the solutions will appear. It’s called the magic of life.

Wow. That post took a weird turn now.

Anyway, as for my favorite – I love the dance workouts in this plan, because they’re so much fun.

After all that blah blah, let’s start working out!

As always, even though I’m pretty sure these workouts will be good for most of us – do consult with your doctor before starting ANY exercise regimen, we ARE all individuals with our own aches after all.




20 Min Chair Exercises Sitting Down Workout by HASfit

We’re starting on Monday with some strength training. This video includes exercises for the whole body, but when I tried it – I especially felt it in my upper back and shoulders (that’s my weak spot with all that office work).



40-Minute Seated Chair Cardio and Strength Workout by jessicasmithtv

Tuesday is time for some cardio to burn calories and get some endorphins going. After about 20 minutes of cardio, this video then goes into full-body toning routine. But since you did strength training on Monday – you can do this part another time, if you’re still sore from the day before.



Easy Chair Yoga Class – 25 minutes by Five Parks Yoga

Wednesday is time for some stretching and yoga! Yoga is great for reducing stress and stretching your entire body. Thanks to this chair yoga workout you can now get all the yoga benefits, even if you can’t do a regular yoga routine (can’t be on your feet for too long, or have joint pain). Note, that this routine is almost entirely done in sitting, but the last 5 minutes or so are done standing.



Dance Chair Workout by NNPS-TV

Thursday comes probably my favorite workout from these. This is a cardio dance chair workout to sweat it out, it is so much fun! If you enjoy this workout, check out Alexis’ other fun chair workout here and Youtube her channel here.



Seated Abs Workout: Chair Exercises for Your Core by SparkPeople

Friday – time for some abs! If you’re like me and HATE doing workouts for your abs, you’ll enjoy this. There are no sit ups that can hurt your neck and there are no planks that can hurt your wrists, but you’re really toning those abdominal muscles.



Seated Exercise for Obesity and Limited Mobility by LIVEexercise

On Saturday we’re doing a full-body strength training again – upper back, legs, abs – you’ve got it all in these 25 minutes!



Chair Yoga Flow for All Levels by Chopra Center

Sunday!!! This final day is to stretch and do some yoga again without even leaving that chair. This routine is very relaxing and you can do some of these moves even at the office!



That is it, guys, I hope you enjoy this workout plan and share it with those who could find it helpful.

It was a real surprise to me that you can actually really exercise sitting, but now I know better and I’m doing some of the moves more often at my desk!

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