Chiropractic Care for Stress Reduction

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As any chiropractor at AmeriWell Clinics knows, stress is unfortunately a part of life. While some stress can occur even during happy times, it can be really rough on our bodies during the bad. If we never really get enough time to recover from stress, it can build up and wreak havoc on our immune system. Stress can cause physical and mental tension. Those who are looking for relief from stress can interrupt the cycle by receiving chiropractic adjustments. In this post, we have explained further how the chiropractic approach can be a great defense against stress. 

Muscle Aches and Pains

The human body is built with a balanced structure of muscles, bones, and tissue. When we become off balance due to stress, injury, or illness, we can develop muscle aches that spread to other areas. Our body is interconnected, so when one aspect of ourselves is off-kilter, it impacts nearby systems too.

For instance, let’s say that your spine has been pushed out of alignment due to being overworked. You may begin to feel aches and pains in your neck, shoulders, and lower back, when the source of the problem is actually in your spine. A chiropractor at AmeriWell Clinics, like the one in Laurel, MD, can examine your spine to see if any vertebrae need to be gently coaxed back into place, which can immediately put nearby muscles that were previously sore at ease. 

Poor Posture

Daily activities such as driving, sitting at a desk, and being hunched while looking down at our cell phone can all contribute to poor posture. This can cause a rounding of the upper back and added pressure to your neck. When the neck vertebrae of the spine get pushed out of alignment from poor posture, normal movements can cause discomfort. While it may seem like subtle soreness at first, it isn’t uncommon for people to feel grumpy over the little aches that eventually build up and worsen over weeks, months, or even years.

Chiropractors at AmeriWell Clinics help patients who suffer from pain due to poor posture and vertebrae curvature. Through a series of adjustments, we can begin to heal your back and get your spine back into the correct alignment.

Anxiety and Life Pressures

Let’s face it, life can get hard sometimes. We often feel the need to keep up with the hustle and bustle, but with so much sensory input from background noise and our electronic devices, the sympathetic nervous system can be left feeling triggered. As a chiropractor at AmeriWell Clinics may explain, your body can get sent into a “fight or flight” mode, which makes you more alert so you can avoid danger. When this system gets activated frequently throughout the day, it can contribute to how much stress we feel. Chiropractic care can be a wonderful resource for people who want another stress reduction technique to add to their toolkit. If you want to know more, please call us today to speak with a chiropractor at AmeriWell Clinics.

Thanks to AmeriWell Clinics for their insight into chiropractic care for stress reduction.