Does Chiropractic Care Improve Ear Infection in Children?

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The cases of ear infection in children have prompted parents to seek the help of chiropractors. A chiropractor’s job is to diagnose the misalignment of the spine and then correct it by making adjustments to that region. They usually apply mild force when treating children. So, let’s have a look at how chiropractic care improves ear infection in children:

How Chiropractors View Ear Infection

A connection exists between the way a child is born and the occurrence of repetitive infection; chiropractors call it otitis media. There are instances in which the cervical vertebrae end up getting misaligned when a child is born. The misalignment disrupts the nerve functions. In addition, it has an impact on the child’s Eustachian tube. 

The result of it is an increase in the amount of fluid inside the children’s middle ear. This is what causes otitis media. There is a large number of children who have to deal with otitis media in a cyclic manner.

Other Reasons

The infection can be determined when you find a swelling on a child’s middle ear. This swelling develops due to the appearance of bacteria. Children suffer from this swelling since the Eustachian tube never completely develops. Moreover, the fluids comprising of harmful bacteria are unable to clear out.

As we know, misalignment occurs in a child due to complications that take place when the child is born. This leads to the child facing difficulties while trying to fall asleep. Not only that, children with ear infections are likely to feel irritated during most parts of the day as well. 

Chiropractor’s Solution To Ear Infection

How chiropractors treat children is nowhere near as invasive as undergoing surgery. There is hardly any side effect of receiving chiropractic care. On the other hand, there can be some side effects when the patient is on prescribed medicines. So, how does a chiropractor improve ear infection in children?

The main aim of chiropractic care is to relieve the spine of any misalignment. As a result, the Eustachian tube will be able to clear the infection out more effectively. Chiropractic care is also beneficial for improving immunity in children. So, when their immunity improves, the chances of an infection reappearing decreases.

Chiropractors are less likely to make guesses when it concerns a child’s health and safety issues. They treat the child on the basis of age. When the child is too young, chiropractors use their index finger for adjusting the spine. The chiropractor can even use some moderate equipment if the child is older.

Before treating the children, chiropractors consult the parents first. They prioritize the past health records of the children and come to terms with it. After that, they carry out tests to assess the children’s nerves with the use of modern technology. These tests allow chiropractors to understand the severity of the misalignment after locating it.

To conclude, chiropractic treatment in Mesa, AZ has developed to such a stage where it is possible to prevent ear infections with the help of it from an experienced chiropractor. This development has led parents to seek out chiropractic care more than ever before! 

Thanks to LifeCare Chiropractic for their insight into chiropractic care and treatment for child ear infections.