FAQs: Facing Your Personal Injury with a Chiropractor

Sustaining an injury at the hands of a negligent party can result in pain and financial losses. Sometimes medical treatments can feel invasive and extensive, and provide little relief. This can leave accident victims still suffering with pain. This is a primary reason personal injury lawyers recommend seeking care from a chiropractor who can help to prove the claim, provide non invasive treatments and assist in administering relief to patients. 

What types of injuries might a chiropractor treat after an accident?

Following an accident, it’s only natural that you should be seen by a medical provider to obtain treatment. Care from a chiropractor is one form of treatment that many fail to consider as an effective form of treatment. One primary benefit of seeing a chiropractor is their ability to restore alignment and mobility while helping to improve the body’s nervous system. Essentially, this can help reduce pain and promote healing. Common injuries that a chiropractor may be able to treat following an accident include:

  • Migraines
  • Whiplash
  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Herniated Disc

Does a chiropractic adjustment hurt?

Have you ever heard a chiropractor tell you that an adjustment “hurts so good?” That’s because much of the time it does. Often patients may feel mild pressure followed by a popping and clicking sound that is usually followed by relief. 

How often and for how long will I need to receive treatment from a chiropractor?

The course of treatment for chiropractic care will largely depend upon the injury you sustained and your response to treatments. A chiropractor will carefully assess your injuries and map out your progress throughout your time receiving care. They may reduce or increase your visits depending upon whether you are experiencing relief. You may see a chiropractor several times per week and slowly taper off over time based on your response to treatment.

How does treatment from a chiropractor help in a personal injury case?

Treatment from a chiropractor can help with your case in a number of ways. Not only will care from a chiropractor help to treat injuries and increase the rate at which you heal, it will help prove that you sustained injuries and are doing everything you can to recover. Additionally, a chiropractor will provide you with documentation that will help strengthen your personal injury claim.

What types of documentation does a chiropractor keep that might serve as evidence for my case?

Chiropractors must keep detailed records of patient visits and the treatment they have administered. This may include notes from treatment, x-rays, and details regarding your response to treatments. Additionally, there may even be details outlining the way your injury is impacting your daily life. These records are incredibly helpful for a personal injury lawyer as they work to value your claim and negotiate a settlement in your favor. 

Will a chiropractor work with my personal injury lawyer to pursue my legal claim?

If you have spoken with a personal injury lawyer regarding your case, it’s not uncommon for them to recommend that you see a chiropractor. A chiropractor will play a key role in uncovering any underlying injuries from the accident and help in proving your case. Many chiropractors are willing to work with a personal injury lawyer however, before making a commitment, you will first want to make sure your chiropractor is willing to do so. 

For help and guidance, it’s best that you work closely with a chiropractor and personal injury lawyer when pursuing a personal injury settlement. Contact a chiropractor, today to schedule an appointment.