Seeing a Chiropractor After Back Surgery

When someone has back surgery, it’s often an extensive procedure that leaves them recovering for a while. This isn’t always the case, but it’s important to be careful after back surgery because what was probably involved. Does this mean someone can’t see a chiropractor after back surgery? Not necessarily.

Recovery Time

One of the most common back surgeries is spinal fusion surgery. This is a procedure in which the disks between the spinal vertebrae are removed and the bones are fused together. Those bones are held together by plates and metal screws, and it corrects degenerative diseases, herniated disks and similar conditions. If a patient doesn’t wait for a full recovery before chiropractic care, the graft that is created from the fusion can become broken.

In most cases, someone who receives spinal fusion surgery will have to wait at least a year to recover before receiving chiropractic treatment. There are other back surgeries as well, and you should speak with both your surgeon and your chiropractor to understand how long you need to recover before bending and twisting again.

Follow Up Care

Many times, when someone has back surgery, the patient can recover more quickly by following up with a chiropractor, like from Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic. Even a spinal fusion surgery may not eliminate all the pain associated with the herniated disc or other issue, but after a proper recovery, a chiropractor may be able to help. It’s important you get the all-clear from your physician before chiropractic treatment, but if he or she says your graft is completely healed and your back is strong, following up with a chiropractor is a great option.

Taking It Easy

Keep in mind that with any type of surgery, it’s important to take it easy. You should complete the recovery steps as outlined by your surgeon and physician, but you shouldn’t do more than required. Getting into chiropractic care too soon could be detrimental to your health, particularly your back. You should never lie or stretch the truth about your recovery when speaking with a chiropractor, either. It’s a chiropractor’s job to help you feel better, and if you don’t share the whole truth about your back surgery, it could end up hurting you.

Contacting a Chiropractor

If you have had back surgery, but you’re still experiencing discomfort or pain, a chiropractor may be able to help. Contact a chiropractor today to learn more about treatment and how long you should wait before receiving it.