Strategies For Elderly To Alleviating Stress

In these remarkable times, it seems as though we all are paying extra attention to our health. This is especially true for those elderly individuals reaching their golden years. Yet, with so much emphasis on avoiding bodily ailments, it’s easy to forget about mental illnesses like stress!

Stress is a major mental illness that can manifest badly for elderly individuals. It can cause heart problems, digestive issues, and even a lowered immune system. Thus, it becomes imperative for all elderly individuals to have strategies for lowering stress in their lives.

If you are a senior citizen, here are a few natural ways to alleviate stress!


It’s a universal truth that exercise is one of the best natural stress alleviators. In fact, there is a direct correlation between mental health and frequent exercising. Spending time working out can sweat out any physical and mental toxins. Exercise promotes healthy airflow and creates a surge of endorphins. These endorphins create a sense of wellness and have proven to be excellent barriers against stress.

It should be noted that exercise is not solely confined to a gym or a crowded field. Seniors can exercise anywhere. Be it their room, a non-populous park, or a backyard!

Unplug from the News

In order to maintain personal wellbeing, it’s important to view the news in moderation. It goes without saying that this is a difficult task. With 24 hours news cycles and networks constantly texting updates, it’s exceedingly difficult to unplug!

Yet, unplugging is necessary for quelling excessive stress. A 2020 study conducted by the American Psychological Association found that excessive news consumption causes stress, anxiety, and also loss of sleep.

Thus, it’s imperative to keep stress in check by scaling back any news consumption. Schedule a set time to take in the news. Once you are finished, put the news away and go about your day! If something happens, don’t worry! You can always read about it tomorrow.

Embrace Some Humor

It’s true: laughter is the best medicine. If elderly loved ones have found themselves dealing with elevated levels of stress, laughter is one of the best combatants against heightened cortisol! When one laughs, they take in excess oxygen into their bodies. This promotes healthy circulation, increases endorphins, and dilutes excess cortisol in the body.

Thus, if you want to quell feelings of anxiety, you can medicate yourself with some humor! Watch your favorite sitcom, subscribe to a joke of the day club, or schedule a time to talk with a friend who makes you laugh!

If you need advice about caring for a senior contact a in-Home Health care Services.