What Should I Look for When Hiring a Demolition Contractor?

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Before hiring a demolition contractor, you should consider several things when choosing which company is best for the job. For all but the smallest of jobs, demolition work can be far more complex than many people realize. It takes planning and a thorough knowledge of building construction before it can be safely demolished. For instance, if the load-bearing walls are not identified beforehand and incorporated into the Pre-demolition strategy, it can cause delays and access issues. Not all demolition contractors are equal, but determining which one is right for you can be easier if you consider the following:

Is the demolition contractor licensed and insured?

If they are not, move on to contacting a different contractor. If the job will include the demolition and removal of hazardous substances such as asbestos, they should also have current certifications in handling those types of materials. If something goes wrong and the contractor is at fault if they do not have liability insurance or sufficient coverage, as the building owner you almost certainly will be held liable to pay the victim’s damages.

Does the demolition contractor have experience with handling jobs similar to yours?

Every job is at least somewhat different from other jobs because of the many variables involved, but many share common aspects. For example, if there are other structures in close proximity, have they successfully performed demolition in similar situations without causing damage to non-targeted buildings? If it is a multi-story building, have they demolished buildings that were at least as tall as yours? It also doesn’t hurt to ask for referrals from previous customers. Check the Internet for reviews of the company and note the comments.

Is the demolition contractor responsive to your questions and concerns?

If they brush you off or do not seem to be genuine in the information that they provide to you, you may be wise to take a step back and consider whether or not this is a company with whom you want to work. It also doesn’t hurt to get a second or third opinion. Not all contractors take the same approach with every job, but that doesn’t necessarily mean any of them are doing it the wrong way. However, if you feel that a contractor might be in the habit of cutting corners, they may not be the best choice even if their estimate of completion matches with your preferred schedule. If something were to go wrong in the demolition process, it is likely you who will be burdened with their mistakes.

Is the estimate provided by a demolition contractor significantly higher or significantly lower than other estimates?

Though most people wish to spend as little on possible on demolition services, if a contractor offers a quote that is far less than the competition, it may be that they are underestimating the scope of the job and as such are over their heads. That can have far-reaching consequences. It may also be that the lowball quote is because they cut corners and do not place an emphasis on safety or getting the job done correctly. A good licensed demolition professional in Los Angeles, CA is worth the cost if they charge a fair price.

Thanks to Nielsen Environmental for their insight into the demolition process.