What to do After FUE Hair Transplant?

Hair Restoration Doctor

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant is one of the most popular hair transplant techniques because it does not leave a linear scar (like the one that results from FUT surgery). A Hair Restoration experts explain, during an FUE procedure, the surgeon extracts hair grafts individually from the donor area on the body. The donor area is usually located on the back and sides of the scalp as the hair in this area has proven to be resistant to balding. The hair grafts are then placed in premade incisions in the scalp where they will provide a greater density and fullness to the hairline.

Now that you know how FUE hair transplant works, what will you need to do after the surgery is completed?

  • You will need to have a family member or friend on hand to drive you home after the surgery due to the anesthesia that will be administered during the procedure.
  • Immediately after the surgery, do not touch the recipient area and sleep with your head elevated to avoid detaching or rubbing off any of the hair grafts while you are sleeping. 
  • Avoid touching or scratching the transplanted area on the scalp for around four days. The hair grafts will be stronger in their new home on the scalp after five days, so you won’t be able to detach or dislodge them accidentally after this point. 
  • There will be some bruising and swelling on the forehead and around the eyes during the first week of the recovery period. Your doctor might provide steroids that can be taken during this time period to help minimize the swelling. 
  • Around two to four weeks after the hair restoration surgery, the hair follicles will enter their resting phase and begin to lose their hair shafts. Do not worry as this is a normal part of the hair transplant process. At this point, you are still able to cut and style your hair as you desire.
  • The transplanted hair starts to grow after two or three months so be sure and wear a ball cap to cover your head when you go out in the sun. 

The final step you need to follow after FUE hair transplant surgery is…Be patient!

It can take anywhere from 12-18 months for the final results to become visible. The results of a hair transplant are permanent and will last a lifetime. By following the post-op instructions provided by your hair restoration doctor or surgeon, you will enjoy a fuller and more youthful-looking head of hair.