When Is it the Right Time for my Child’s First Orthodontist Visit?

When Is it the Right Time for my Child’s First Orthodontist Visit?

Orthodontics is a dental specialization that relates to the position of teeth and correcting any teeth that have grown incorrectly. As a parent, it is important to take your child to an orthodontist like from John Redmond Orthodontics, but the big question is, “When is the right time?” This simple guide will explain the surprisingly complicated answer to this question, as well as go through any other concerns you may have.

When Should the First Orthodontist Visit Be?

If your child does not have any unusual issues, then the first visit should be when he or she is seven years old. Baby teeth are temporary, and that means their positions are not very important. Of course, if the position of a baby tooth is causing discomfort or difficulty eating, then corrective measures should be taken. But there will be no lasting impact of an incorrectly placed baby tooth.

At age seven, most children have a combination of baby and permanent teeth. This is the perfect time to visit an orthodontist for the first time, because this is the time when a professional will be able to evaluate the position of the permanent teeth. You want this examination to be done as soon as the permanent teeth start to appear.

Remember, not all children are the same. If your child starts to develop permanent teeth earlier or later than age seven, you can adjust the first visit accordingly. And, of course, if you suspect something is wrong, do not delay the first visit. Orthodontics is dedicated to correcting such issues, so it is best to get it taken care of immediately. If nothing else, your orthodontist will reassure you that nothing is wrong.

Other Concerns

  • There are orthodontists who specialize in working with small children and take a gentle approach.
  • X-rays are almost always necessary, but the necessary precautions will always be taken to prevent complications related to radiation.
  • The orthodontist will likely take pictures of your child’s teeth and face.
  • Many orthodontic treatments take years to complete. Your orthodontist will explain the process to you, including how long it will take, how many visits are necessary, and how much it will cost.
  • Your orthodontist will communicate the results of the initial visit with your child’s regular dentist so care can be coordinated.
  • Your child’s regular dentist should be able to give you recommendations for which orthodontist might be a good fit for your child, as well as give you more advice on when the right time for your first visit may be.