Your First Chiropractic Appointment: What To Expect

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Chronic back and neck pain can be frustrating and prevent you from enjoying daily activities and make working difficult. This issue may stem from genetic problems or from the result of past physical trauma. A chiropractic adjustment may help relieve the pain, and if you have never visited a chiropractor before, knowing what to expect at your first appointment may help you feel more confident about treatment.

Before the Appointment 

Once you find a chiropractor that meets your budget or participates in your insurance program, the clinic will likely gather a bit of information about you over the phone. You may be asked several different questions about your overall health, including:

  • The reason you are seeking adjustment 
  • Where you are feeling the most pain 
  • Whether you suffered a spinal injury 

Once the appointment is set, there is little preparation needed otherwise. You may want to ask the clinic how many treatments are covered by your insurance plan and whether any copay will be required.

Arriving at the Clinic 

When you arrive at the chiropractic clinic for your first appointment, you may be asked to give your medical history and insurance information. If your pain is the result of an injury, you might be asked to describe the incident. If you have any medical records from your general practitioner or family doctor, you may want to submit them as well.

Undergoing Adjustment 

Once you see the chiropractor, he or she may ask you some questions about your medical history and whether you are currently in any pain. Based on your answers, the chiropractor will probably create an adjustment plan and review it with you so you can understand how certain adjustments might relieve chronic spinal or neck pain. Once the adjustment begins, you may hear certain sounds, such as crackling or popping, but these are typically normal as the manipulations release air pockets from between the vertebrae of the spine.

After the Adjustment 

When the session is complete, your chiropractor may ask you how you are feeling and whether the pain has eased. He or she might also allow you to rest for a few moments if you feel dizzy or nauseous, both of which are often common side effects of an adjustment. You might receive a few instructions for aftercare and how to manage your pain at home, in between appointments.

Suffering from chronic back and neck pain can disrupt your life in many different ways, but you do not have to suffer in silence. Reach out to a Chiropractor, like the chiropractors at Mid-atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic to make an appointment or for further assistance.