Chiropractic Advice on Stretching

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Chiropractors heavily endorse stretching as a method of exercise since it is versatile for all age groups. However, stretching can be a tough job since it involves rigorous movement of the body along with postural changes. Even though stretching can be done using the free hands method, there are certain advices given my chiropractors for people who are interested in stretching. Stretching can be a very useful tool for people who are just starting off their journey of a healthy body as well since it is a full body work out and will enable an individual to focus on the entire body at the same time. Here are some of the best advices on stretching-

  1. Maintain a steady stretching routine:

A stretching routine can be very fruitful if followed with dedication and patience but one must keep in mind that a dangling routine may not come of any use. This is because chiropractors believe that a monotonous stretching routine is an ideal one since it will emphasise on the certain body parts a person wishes to get toned.

  1. Do not rush while stretching:

The saying ‘anything done in haste is not good’ , is applicable in this situation as well. A person should not opt out for stretching if he/she is short of time as stretching tends to pull muscles a lot and by any chance if there is an unwanted muscle pull, he/she can even be hospitalized. Therefore, a person should do stretching in his/her leisure time, according to the chiropractors.

  1. Be gentle with your body:

A human body is very sensitive towards the external pressure it gets from exercising or moving. So, a chiropractor always recommends people to be extra careful when stretching in order to avoid any injuries. People must be aware of the level of tolerance their bodies have towards stretching and use that as a defining bar so that no mishaps take place.

  1. Regularize breathing in between stretching:

When a person exercises, he/she is taking in less oxygen compared to his/her normal state. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that a person takes short and long breaths in between stretching. Chiropractors say that this helps an individual relax more and helps to avoid tension between muscles and ligaments.

  1. Feel positive when stretching:

Chiropractors believe that stretching releases dopamine in the body since it is a form of exercise. This chemical tends to lift up a person’s mood and releases some level of stress. So, whenever a person is stretching, he/she must feel good about you him/her self. That will help a person stretch better and focus more on getting healthier.


In conclusion, chiropractors, like chiropractic in Mesa, AZ, suggest that a person should be stretching with a happy mindset, a long time frame and a regulated routine in order to avoid mishaps. After all, stretching is some of the very few methods of exercise where people of all ages can participate and actually enjoy it since it is a fun-to-do work out procedure. 

Thank you to Lifecare Chiropractic for their insight into stretching and chiropractic care.