Getting Treatment For Knee Pain With Chiropractics

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Everyday, we put our knees to work. Whether we are bending down to pick something up, getting out of a chair, or walking around the supermarket, we are using our knees to do what we need to do. Those who are experiencing knee pain may find it difficult to even start their day, since getting out of bed can be a struggle. A chiropractor strongly advises people with knee pain to get help before it can develop into a more severe and potentially chronic condition. 

Choosing Chiropractics Instead of Less Activity

In response to knee pain, people may try to limit their physical activity and take pain medication in order to find relief. Unfortunately, this relief is often only temporary as this isn’t really targeting the true issue of the knee pain. A chiropractor can address the underlying problems through techniques like joint adjustments, massage, heat therapy, and nutritional counseling. They encourage people with knee pain to find other methods of coping aside from just decreasing their activity. By sitting still more throughout the day, it can actually backfire and make things worse. 

Treatment Options

A chiropractor has talked with patients who were told by their primary physician that surgery is the only option left for alleviating their knee pain. While we don’t want to create a rift between you and your doctor, it is possible that chiropractic care can decrease your pain and prevent surgery entirely. The best way to find out if chiropractics can help you is by booking an exam with a clinic as soon as possible. They can assess your symptoms, observe the mechanics of your knee, and hopefully identify the root of the problem fairly quickly.

When To See a Chiropractor

If your knee pain is preventing you from going about your day as normal, then it’s time to see a chiropractor. If the knee pain is bad enough that you have to limit its function, then treatment is strongly recommended. A chiropractor wants prospective patients to know that you do not have to accept severe knee pain as something you will have to deal with for the rest of your life. They don’t want you to miss out on the big moments of life because of your knee pain.

A chiropractor for physical therapy can investigate to see if there are other misalignments of your body that could be contributing to the knee pain. The body is one large interconnected system, so it isn’t uncommon for there to be nearby issues aside from the knee itself that must be fixed. In many cases, we may begin your treatment session by adjusting your spine, since that is the core of your nervous system. Then, they can move on to the knee and see what could be the cause of the pain.