Questions About Orthodontic Care and Braces

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Before meeting with an orthodontist about their tooth complications, patients may wonder what treatment may entail and why it is so important. It is crucial that patients follow instructions provided by their orthodontist in Dana Point, CA, such as from John Redmond Orthodontics, so that their teeth can stay happy and straight after treatment. Patients are encouraged to ask questions so they can figure out whether orthodontics is right for them. Here we have answered questions frequently asked by patients who are either interested in getting treatment, or want to know how to correct certain issues after braces:

Why is getting orthodontist treatment so important?

Crowded and crooked teeth can be difficult to keep clean and healthy. An under or overbite can also contribute to wearing on the tooth surface, trouble chewing, added pressure on surrounding gum tissue and bone, along with slurred speech. If these issues aren’t treated, then more problems can arise in the future. It’s best to get treatment early on. But, for those who aren’t sure whether they’ve missed their opportunity, it’s never too late to begin treatment! 

How much will orthodontist care cost?

The expenses for receiving orthodontist treatment can depend on many variables, such as how far the complication has developed and what type of treatment is needed. An orthodontist can go over price comparisons with you, to see which is best for both your health and your pocketbook. In recent years, braces have become more affordable than ever before. 

What if I had braces when I was younger, and now as an adult my teeth are out of place?

Sometimes patients may get orthodontist treatment at a young age, but then don’t use their retainer often enough, which can reverse the impacts that braces or other corrective methods had accomplished. Teeth can change and move overtime. What your orthodontist can do is create a plan so you can once again regain the alignment you had previously. 

How long will I have to wear my retainers after my teeth have been straightened?

An orthodontist may recommend wearing retainers after having braces to prevent the teeth from slowly moving back to their original placement. Using retainers is the best approach to keeping teeth where they now sit post treatment. Teeth are set in bone, which is constantly breaking down and rebuilding itself, so your teeth can shift after braces are taken off. How long you have to wear these retainers is based on the condition of your teeth to begin with. Only your orthodontist can answer this for you.

Why do some people get white spots on their teeth after braces?

Some people may develop these white spots on their teeth and become noticeable after braces are removed. The reason this may happen is if they don’t brush after each meal or floss once a day. Patients who are using braces are encouraged to not eat too much sugar, since this raises the bacteria growth in your mouth, leading to additional plaque and cavities. Your toothpaste or oral rinse should also have fluoride.